9 May 2018

Updates from the studio: Richard Meiz has recorded the drum tracks for the EP in the BRX Studios Milano, with the supervision of Dario Valentini and a major help by Michele Adami.
Here is a video right from the studio in which you can listen to what we're setting up for you \m/
Stay tuned on our page, more great updates in the next weeks!

8 May 2018

We can announce at last that the title of our new upcoming EP is STASIS!
The work has already begun, thanks to the collaboration with talented and professional personalities and we're proud to be able to work with them!
Drum tracks will be recorded by Richard Meiz from Genus Ordinis Dei (thanks to Eclipse Records) with the supervision of Dario Valentini (audio engineer of bands such as Lacuna Coil and Genus Ordinis Dei) who will also work at the mixing and mastering of the whole EP.
Thanks also to DR Strings Italia, DR STRINGS and BassLine Music Shop, for accepting the collaboration with our bass player Michele Gig...

8 May 2018

With great happiness we announce our bass player Michele Gigantino, enters as endorser in DR STRINGS. We thank DR Strings Italia, Pau Artigues Esteve(ADAGIO Europe Product Manager) and Bassline Music Shop , for making everything possible.

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