The Wolfear were born in 2012 from an idea of Nicola (guitar) and Francesco (bass guitar) from the ashes of ather projects. Shortly after the birth of the band Massimo (vocals) joins the project.

In March 2013, after several changes in the line up, Rolando joins the band as a drummer.

Due to personal issues, Massimo leaves the in May 2014 and his place is taken by Simone not only as singer but also as second guitar.

In the June of the same year Francesco (co-founder) decides to give up the band for personal issues.

The same month Michele, member of some punk/rock bands around Salerno, substitutes Francesco at the bass guitar. After a year and a half of rehearsals and live concerts throughout the region, in December 2015, the Wolfear start the recording session of their first studio work, titled “Sail into the Black”, featuring 5 tracks plus a bonus one, Dear Enemy, coming from the the first recording with that line up.

On January 2016, the 27th, the band reveals the Cover of the EP and on the 19 of March the album is officially published.

In the August of the same year Rolando leaves the band due to personal problems and is shortly after replaced by Paolo, already member of some rock/metal bands in the area, completing the current line up!

The Wolfear make a modern-sounding thrash-groove metal influenced by big bands such as Gojira and Opeth.

During the 2016 the band took part to several live concerts, sharing the stage with local bands like Heimdall and will be doing the same with the great Necrodeath on the 16 of February 2017, in Napoli.

During December 2016 Wolfear enter the Volcano Records and Promotions roster, which counts bands like Hangarvain, 17 Crash, Metharia, Mastribes, Red Riot, NiteRain, All I See, Jumpscare and more, signing a contract for 12 months.

During 2017 the band shared the stage with Necrodeath, Cadaveria, Genus Ordinis Dei, Methedras, Nebulae Resumed, InAllSenses, Brand New Punch, Neid, Circle of Witches, Wildime, Southern Drinkstruction, NoFuck, Temperance, Hell's Guardian, BigHate, Reburn, Neurosphere, Mc Vision, GRG, SRL, Lapida and Aftermath.

In February 2018 the band leave Volcano Promotions and join in the “Live To Rock Management” family.

In the first months of 2018 Paolo levaves the band to devote himself to other projects.

On 6 September the band announces the new drummer, Tullio Carleo, already a member of other metal groups (Gods of Sadness, 3RD , Magnolia , Stardom ecc...)

At the moment the band is working on new stuff aiming to the next EP.


Our songs talk about a heavy discomfort in recognizing ourselves in the imperatives of our society, in the dogmas of religion and money, in the impersonality of masses of which we inevitably are a part of and with it we have to deal, somehow.

All of this is perfectly summarized in "My Truth", second track of the EP: searching for a meaning to all the injustices, iniquities ad abuses, we find that maybe the only truth is there’s not an absolute truth at all. In this we must have the strength to find some relief.

The opening and title track to our "Sail into the Black", is a revisiting of the famous poem “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by the english poet Samule Taylor Coleridge. This is a tale of immense pain but also of redemption from sins and, at last, of salvation, but a mariner who caused such sorrow can only rediscover his sense of human compassion throgh a psychological torture perpetrated through the agonizing eyes of those he doomed. Even though, at the end of his journey, the mind finds he’s way back home, he will be forever isolated, a stranger to the indifference of those who never witnessed the darkest oceans.

"Conspiracy of Silence" was written ad the beginning of the Syrian question. War, death, fear and ruthlessness, all of this happening before the uncaring eye of an Occident uneducated to information and, mostly, to compassion.

"Oath of Distraction" is the natural consequence of the themes faced in the preview song: we wear the clothes of an average man, non matter where he comes from nor his belief, who realizes how the world has come to a point of no return, where there is a shame of being humans, where the hopes for a better future look like utopia, but maybe not everything is lost…

The last song of our EP is "Beyond the Line". This song takes the distance from social and moral themes previously faced and focuses on the most personal of experiences: death. The line dividing life and death is thin, discontinuous, unclear, but trying to understand what’s beyond is a pure act of presumption, and death is not to be understood if we don’t understand what it means “to be”.

The ending track is "Dear Enemy", one of the first recordings of the band. It is definitely an open letter. Friendships are a fundamental part of our life and losing one of them brings to an interrogation about which mistakes were made, not only as a friend, but also as a man. Dear Enemy expresses repentance and awareness we need to look forward and, sometimes, forget about the past.

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